What an enormous bird enjoying Christmas sun!

I don’t really celebrate 25 of December much. Unless something great happens – I tend to celebrate something good rather than days on the calendar. Oh something amazing just happened – yeah, but it’s 22 of December, so who cares 🙁 Nothing happened at all, but it’s 25th December, lets celebrate!

What does happen here quite often is that the weather is amazing most days. And today was no exception.

So I took my bike for a bit of exploring and on purpose went to the areas I’ve never been before. Just being childishly curious – I wonder what if I take this turn to a little road or gravel path?

After one of these turns I went past a few houses in the middle of nowhere and something moved in one of the gardens. I stopped, turned around and there was a huge Ostrich looking at me.

I keep telling myself that I should really take my proper camera with me on these rides, but unfortunately only had my phone on me… Still an interesting moment and a bad picture

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