Do the solar panels really work indoors?

Yes, solar panels do work indoors! It doesn’t happen often, but time to time you still have power outages in Chile. I experienced them in all parts of the country. In the beautiful capital Santiago, in Valdivia and all the way south to Coyhaique. It is always very short, never more than an hour, but sometimes unexpected and sometimes a little annoying. Since I am prepared for wild camping during this crazy adventure, I always have power bank or two just in case. Today we had power outage in Coyhaique. I decided to try my solar panels indoors rather than using power banks. Not that I was desperate, but I just wanted to try as the sky was clear and the sun was shining directly trough my window.

Solar panel indoors charging amazon kindle

It worked better that I was expecting and my kindle was charging pretty fast!

Genesis Longitude in the snow

In the last few weeks I started to cycle more and more again. I can stay inside with my laptop for days, but I also have this strong feeling about exploring being outside, doing exercise.

And it started to snow here in Patagonia! Coyhaique is covered in snow. Another incentive to go for a ride. The good thing is that even if it is snowing, the temperatures are not very low. No ice under the snow. Enough grip for my massive WTB tyres. You can feel a slide here and there sometimes. But it is nothing like you get on a muddy cyclocross race in late autumn in England. Oh an the tyre on CX bike is probably half the width than on Genesis Longitude.

So that is what I did – went out on “The Tank” and enjoyed Patagonian winter.

Side note on WTB Trailblazer 2.8 tyres on WTB sti wheels. They are tubeless and filled with Stans no tubes sealant. The last time I remember using the pump was in January – exactly 6 months ago. And I only did that because I was using lower pressure for gravel road crossing from Chile into Argentina. After that the road was smooth tarmac again I decided to go with the higher pressure.

That is how good they are holding air!