It’s my dream!

Today I was very late to pick up my clothes and backpack and everything else washable from a laundry in Panguipulli. Great service, but price close to England! It’s ok – according to people at the reception of my holiday home where I was staying, it was maybe the only place in town. After that had a long phone call with the family while was waiting for someone to serve me at the Restaurant y pizzeria Florencia.

A nice bit of meat, some pure, a beer (im in Chile, you know) and a plus size bike loaded with too many things

When I was finishing that nice steak a family of four walked past. The father said something in spanish to his teenage son pointing at my fully loaded bike. They all had a chat and decided to stay at the same restaurant. The man kept looking at my bike and then again saying something to his son.
After a while he turned to me and said something in Spanish. I replied with my usual “poco español”. He thought for a few moments and then pointing to my Gensis Longitude said in in English – it’s my dream! I did’t know what should I say back and just answered what I thought was a very honest answer – Just do it! (Nike should pay me something for that, come on!)
The man made this very sad face as we all do when we are kids when we are not allowed something and pointed his finger at his wife. We all started laughing, including his wife 🙂
The kids could speak quite a good English so them being translators we had a good chat about bike touring and where I’m planning to go next.

Testing Genesis Longitude

Just a couple of pictures of me testing my brand new, ok, ex-demo Genesis Longitude. It is a tank! I’ll write a bit more about it later, but here is what I did on a second day owning this great go-anywhere bike.


In fact 3 weeks later.

The bike is on the plane on the way to Santiago, Chile.