What an enormous bird enjoying Christmas sun!

I don’t really celebrate 25 of December much. Unless something great happens – I tend to celebrate something good rather than days on the calendar. Oh something amazing just happened – yeah, but it’s 22 of December, so who cares 🙁 Nothing happened at all, but it’s 25th December, lets celebrate!

What does happen here quite often is that the weather is amazing most days. And today was no exception.

So I took my bike for a bit of exploring and on purpose went to the areas I’ve never been before. Just being childishly curious – I wonder what if I take this turn to a little road or gravel path?

After one of these turns I went past a few houses in the middle of nowhere and something moved in one of the gardens. I stopped, turned around and there was a huge Ostrich looking at me.

I keep telling myself that I should really take my proper camera with me on these rides, but unfortunately only had my phone on me… Still an interesting moment and a bad picture

Feeling Special In A Very Weird Way

Some people like the time around Christmas because of being with their family, receiving or giving presents, not having to go to work, eating and drinking too much. Normal stuff.

I’m alone on my own in Southern Spain and it is 2020, so these normal things are a bit out of reach.

But this one day I almost jumped into the air! I walk into my local Aldi and they have brussels sprouts! They must have Christmas thing here too. Or maybe there are so many British expats that it makes it profitable to sell them for a week or so 🙂 It was more than a year… Got as much as I thought I could fit in my backpack. Girl at the checkout gave me a strange look. But I really really like brussels sprouts! Weirdo.