Day one bank holiday cycling in Wales

Late and short ride as I had to drive from Berkshire to Elan Valley in Powys, Wales today.

Nothing unexpected, roads busy with bank holiday traffic but at least I wasn’t flying with British Airways…

My comfy long distance Fairlight wasn’t finished on time for this trip. Local bike shop converting her to a Di2 with brand new wheels on DT Swiss RR511 db rims and hope hub back – dynamo hub front.

Without steel bike I had to take my bone shaker Ribble R872 instead. It’s great bike to ride – fast, stiff and responsive, but it can be a bit too much on a long ride. Don’t get me wrong, by longer I mean longer than most people ride anyway. I did 300km audax on my R872 this year and was fine.

It was raining nonstop entire ride, but that meant that all sane people where in some warm and dry pub. I had completely empty roads for myself.

Not bad for a bank holiday weekend?

Shaking from cold while trying to find tartare sauce at the corner shop as my fish and chips are being prepared across the street.

Back to the campsite, fish still hot. Rain stopped. Dinner time!

Only 50km today but with some really good hill efforts.

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