Night ride to Paris

While preparing for the Transcontinental race No 5 in 2017 I did this “why not” weekend ride to Paris.
It was great and I would do it again, but maybe with some route alterations.
There is a little story even before I started to pedal. My mum was visiting for a week and I agreed to take her to the Luton airport in the morning. For a 6AM fligh. Not much sleep then? Good preparation for my TCR attempt!
After the goodbyes at the airport I drove back home to Reading, changed into lycra, jumped on my Fairlight Strael and rode to Portsmouth.

The weather was perfect. Dry, sunny, but not too hot. Surprisingly light traffic on the roads. Some very pretty villages on the way and hard(ish) uphill parts in the South Downs.

I pedalled to Portsmouth pretty much non stop as I didn’t want to add any “I’m being late!” stress to my journey.

Was getting a little sleepy towards the end of the Avenue Verte London – Paris
Picture taken 5:41 AM
I was so happy to see an already open hotel restaurant – two coffees with lots of sugar!
Mandatory picture in Paris